Juvederm-a the smart and easy way to add volume and smoothness to your skin.

  • Reducing the appearance of lines around the mouth
  • Modifying nasolabial folds (under the nose) and eye trough deformities
  • Facial contouring of the cheeks and mouth

Juvederm is a dermal fillers approved by the FDA that are made of a biodegradable hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance present in all living organisms. This natural acid provides volume and fullness to a patient?s skin.

Juvederm is produced as a clear gel substance and is injected directly beneath the surface of the skin. Through the introduction of Juvederm to the treatment area, the hyaluronic-based gel adds natural volume and lift resulting in smoother wrinkles and less prominent folds. Over time, Restylane/Juvederm are gradually degraded by the body and dissolve without any residue or trace. Dr. Roccia, Dr. Marsh, Dr. Singh or Dr. Faigen Juvederm treatment results are immediately visible and typically last about six months. Factors such as the patient?s age and skin type will effect how long Juvederm treatment results are sustained. Most patients require only one Juvederm injection to obtain optimal results. Occasionally, additional treatments may be required to achieve the patient’s desired outcome. During the initial consultation, the number of required treatments will be addressed.